4.2.3. Depth/Distance Weighting

The program pfweight_60.exe creates the depth or distance weighting that is to be used in the inversion. Running the Program

The weights are constructed by opening a command line window and typing the path to the code pfweight_60.exe, followed by a space, followed by the path to the input file (denoted here as pfweight.inp). Optionally, the use made also include the number of threads. The syntax is as follows.


The argument nThreads specifying the number of CPU threads used in the OpenMP format is optional. If this argument is not given to the program, chooses to use all of the CPU threads on the machine. This argument allows the user to specify half, for example, of the threads so that the program does not take all available RAM. Note that this option is not available in the MPI-based code used for clusters. Output files

The program outputs x_weight.txt. A file in the format, which contains weights for each cell, based on depth weighting (x = “depth”) or distance weighting (x = “distance”). A log file pfweight.log is also written.