4.2.2. Forward Modeling

The program magfor3d_60.exe performs the 3D forward modelling of magnetic data for a magnetic susceptibility model defined on a tensor mesh. Running the Program

To run the executable, open a command window. In order, enter the path to the magfor3d_60 executable, the tensor mesh file, the survey file, the susceptibility model file, the topography file (optional) and a lower bound value. This in shown below.

../../_images/run_fwd.png Units

  • Magnetic data: total magnetic intensity data or amplitude data in nT
  • Magnetic susceptibility model: magnetic susceptibility in SI Output Files

The program magfor3d_60.exe creates the following output files:

  • magfor3d.mag: Predicted data file.
  • magfor3d.log: Log file which provides details about the parameters used in the forward modelling and diagnostic information about the results.