4.2.5. Inversion Program

The inversion is carried out using the executable maginv3d_60.exe. Running the Program

The inversion is run by opening a command line window and typing the path to the code maginv3d_60.exe, followed by a space, followed by the path to the input file (denoted here as inv.inp).

../../_images/run_inv.png Units:

Input and outputs:

  • Magnetic data: total magnetic intensity data or amplitude data in nT
  • Magnetic susceptibility model: magnetic susceptibility in SI Output Files

The program maginv3d_60.exe creates the following output files:

  • maginv3d.log: The log file containing the minimum information for each iteration and summary of the inversion.
  • maginv3d.out: The “developers” log file containing the details of each iteration including the model objective function values for each component, number of conjugate gradient iterations, etc.
  • maginv3d_xxx.sus: Susceptibility (SI) model files output after each “xxx” iteration (i.e., maginv3d_012.sus)
  • maginv3d_xxx.pre: Predicted data files (without uncertainties) output after each “xxx” iteration.