3.2.3. PF Weights

Magnetic inversion has a tendancy place anomalous bodies near the observation locations due to high sensitivities. The executable pfweight_60.exe creates a depth-based or distance based weighting to counteract these effects. The lines of input file for the executable are as follows:

Line # Description Description
1 Type MAG, GRAV or GG
2 Mesh file mesh file
3 Observations file survey or observations file
4 Topography topography
5 Weighting type depth or distance weighting
6 alpha z0 Weighting parameters or null

An example of the input file for creating weights is shown below.


Fig. 3.2 Example input file for creating distance weighting (Download ). Line Descriptions

  • Type: in this case, enter a flag of MAG
  • Topography: there are two options for defining the topography.

    • type null for no defined topography (all cells are active)
    • provide the filepath to to a topography file
  • Weighting type: An integer type specifying if depth or distance weighting is being created.

    • 1: for depth weighting (not applicable to borehole data)
    • 2: for distance weighting
  • alpha z0: Parameters for the depth or distance weighting being applied. Use the flag null if you would like to use standard values for the paramters. To see how these parameters impact the inversion and to see a default set of values, consult the theory section.