3.2.1. Create Model Input FileΒΆ

The input file defines the properties of the susceptibility model created using blk3cell.exe. The user specifies the locations, dimensions and values for a set of blocks. All undefined cells within the mesh are set to the background value. The format for this file is as follows:

Line # Parameter Description
1 \(\mu_b\) background susceptibility
2 \(N\) number of blocks
3 \(x_1^{(1)} \;\; x_2^{(1)} \;\; y_1^{(1)} \;\; y_2^{(1)} \;\; z_{top}^{(1)} \;\; z_{bottom}^{(1)} \;\; m^{(1)}\) Block 1
4 \(x_1^{(2)} \;\; x_2^{(2)} \;\; y_1^{(2)} \;\; y_2^{(2)} \;\; z_{top}^{(2)} \;\; z_{bottom}^{(2)} \;\; m^{(2)}\) Block 2
\(\vdots\) \(\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\vdots\) \(\;\;\vdots\)
  \(x_1^{(N)} \;\; x_2^{(N)} \;\; y_1^{(N)} \;\; y_2^{(N)} \;\; z_{top}^{(N)} \;\; z_{bottom}^{(N)} \;\; m^{(N)}\) Block N

where superscript \((i)\) for \(i=1,2,...,N\) refers to a particular block. \(x_1,x_2,y_1,y_2,z_{top}\) and \(z_{bottom}\) define the dimensions of each block and \(m\) defines susceptibility value. An example is shown below.


Fig. 3.1 Example input file for blk3cell (Download )