This example has been developed to demonstrate functionality specific to v6.0. The example can be completed using v5.0, however some functionality may not exist in v5.0 and the format of certain input files may differ slightly.

5.4. Computing Sensitivities

Here the code magsen3d_v60.exe is used to compute and output the sensitivities for use in the inversion. Here, we generate we use the input file sensitivity_L2.inp to generate sensitivities for a standard smooth inversion. We then use the input file sensitivity_sparse.inp to generate sensitivities that can be used for sparse inversion.

Before running this example, you may want to do the following:

5.4.1. Smooth Inversion

For standard L2 inversion, you can generate the sensitivities using the input file sensitivity_L2.inp and supporting files in the sub-folder sensitivity_L2. This input file is shown below.


5.4.2. Smooth Inversion

The last line of the input file must be set to 0 to compute sensitivities for sparse inversion. In this case, the sensitivities were generated using the input file sensitivity_sparse.inp and supporting files in the sub-folder sensitivity_sparse. This input file is shown below.