This example has been developed to demonstrate functionality specific to v6.0. The example can be completed using v5.0, however some functionality may not exist in v5.0 and the format of certain input files may differ slightly.

5.2. Forward ModelingΒΆ

Here the code magfor3d_v60.exe is used to forward model the magnetic anomaly for the mesh and susceptibility model provided. We consider an airborne survey with a uniform station spacing of 40 m and a flight height of 30 m. The inclination, declination and background field intensity are 60 degrees, 25 degrees and 50,000 nT, respectively.

Files relevant to this part of the example are in the sub-folder fwd. We used the same model that was created in the create model section. Before running this example, you may want to do the following:

The total magnetic intensity anomaly (nT) is shown below.